Social Media Rant


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I still don’t know where I stand in the world of Social Media. I absolutely love it . . . . I just don’t know what I can bring to it that would be worth putting time into it. Videos are fun, but they can be forced.  Tweets are only fun if I have thoughts or observations worth tweeting (which is rare), and Facebook’s interactions haven’t really been happening.

Could it be that Facebook is the slow man in the speed race of Social Media? My iPhone 4 thinks Facebook is super super slow #lame

I want to interact with every single person, but that doesn’t really happen. So who do I want to interact with.

How do you find people to interact with . . . and because I am older, fat, and have a beard, how does it not appear creepy?

Anyways, these are my Social Media ramblings.

What are your thoughts? What should I bring to the table? What do you bring? IS Facebook the old man of Social Media?

So many questions!