Over Thinking how to spell Over Thinking



I want to so badly create stuff, but I don’t always have ideas. I feel like I put too much pressure on the free time that I do have to create which causes me to not think of anything. Its like being a nervous pee-er, but instead I’m a nervous creator.


I begin to over think everything

-what should I make?

-is it worth it?

-does it matter?


I’ve always been the type to make whatever, even if its bad, and be ok with that because I tried. I guess I started to get nervous about what people would think about LBC if I made stupid stuff (that I thought was stupid too). Its time to throw caution to the wind, and I’m going to just be me. .  .. because let’s face it . . . . I can be stupid at times. I am 100% ok with that 🙂


Embrace the Stupid

I was often picked on as a kid. If I wasn’t so fat, I probably would have been stuffed in lockers.

I learned quickly to embrace the worse case scenario and the idea of looking stupid in front of people. I not only expect to be perceived as stupid, but I embrace it. This doesn’t mean that I purposely act stupid (though sometimes I do), but I constantly use it to my advantage to have fun, to help people, and to never be embarrassed.

There’s just something freeing about legitimately not caring about what people think. Some people respect it, some think its fake, and others try to figure it out. I use to care what people thought about in school, and I was miserable. The second I stopped caring and stopped trying to care, people actually began to like me. Why?

Because I was just being me! Others didn’t like me, because honestly . . . I”m kind of annoying 🙂

Anywho, long story short: If you expect to look stupid, than you’ll never be disappointed! This doesn’t mean to set your standards low, but to realize that even if you are the coolest person in the world, people can still look at you as stupid. So get over your appearance, embrace the stupid, and be all that you can be!

Time Traveling Glasses Episode 2: Mitt Romney Actually Lost the Election

I guess I have some explaining to do with my Mitt Romney winning the election video.

I went on my second journey with my so-called Time Traveling Glasses that I bought on Ebay.