Videos I Enjoyed This Week: July 14-20 , 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 6.22.15 PMWelcome to the first installment of “Videos I Enjoyed This Week”. I always watch videos and think of other people who would enjoy it, but then I forget about it and it is lost forever in the subconscious of my brain. So here are some videos I enjoyed this week:

Bear Safey Video: I’ve always wondered what to do if I came across a bear. This video is not only informational, but it is hilarious!

Cheeto Cannon – I feel like this could be very dangerous, but it may have to go on my bucket list.

Saving Mr. Banks- Trailer – I haven’t seen many trailers recently that actually intrigued me, but once you mix Tom Hanks and Walt Disney, I just turn into a little kid again 🙂

Bumblee Hi-5!  –  This is also dangerous and on my bucket list . . . but yet so cute and amazing at the same time!

That’s all I have for this week! I hope you enjoyed the videos!



Over Thinking how to spell Over Thinking



I want to so badly create stuff, but I don’t always have ideas. I feel like I put too much pressure on the free time that I do have to create which causes me to not think of anything. Its like being a nervous pee-er, but instead I’m a nervous creator.


I begin to over think everything

-what should I make?

-is it worth it?

-does it matter?


I’ve always been the type to make whatever, even if its bad, and be ok with that because I tried. I guess I started to get nervous about what people would think about LBC if I made stupid stuff (that I thought was stupid too). Its time to throw caution to the wind, and I’m going to just be me. .  .. because let’s face it . . . . I can be stupid at times. I am 100% ok with that 🙂

Luke Interviews! Lilly Edition

Luke Interviews! Lilly Edition


I recently sat down with Lilly ( and had a great interview! Feel free to watch, giggle, and share the love!!

Luke Interviews! is a mix between a talk show, improv show, and random good time on YouTube. Its not life changing, but I hope it can invoke some “funnness” in your day 🙂


Harlem Shake – The Youth Group Version


A little Harlem Shake never hurt nobody! Its made its way into our hearts and now into the church.

I was able to have some fun with my Youth Group and since all the kids are really cool, they rocked this video.

The Harlem Shake may be a quick craze, but here is a 30 second snapshot of the Fusion Version 🙂