My First Experience With The Cool Ranch Dorito Locos Taco From Taco Bell

Thursday, March 7, 2013 . . . I embarked on a journey with my tastebuds that no tastebuds of mine have been on before . . . I ate the new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell.


Before I tell you how it was, let me tell you about my excitement for this taco. I’ve had the Nacho Dorito Locos Taco many times and have loved each and every bite. With each bite I could taste the Dorito  as well as the taco! Plus, you can lick your orange crummy fingers when you are done with the taco (the best way to end a Dorito experience).

Now, the Cool Ranch Dorito is my favorite Dorito. It is the Leonardo of the Ninja Turtles, the White Ranger of the Power Rangers, and the Zack Morris of Saved By The Bell.

The taco smells like a Cool Ranch taco and it looks like a Cool Ranch taco . . . but it doesn’t have enough flavor to equal or pass the taco taste. With each bite, I felt like I was eating a taco in a hard taco shell (without my tastebuds realizing there was anything different about this taco). . . until the last bite. The last bite had the perfect balance of Cool Ranch flavoring and taco. It was a good note to end on 🙂

That being said, the Nacho Dorito Locos Taco is still better than the Cool Ranch Dorito Locos Taco, but I guess too much of a good thing could eventually be bad. Either way . . . I still ate 4 of them . . . well done Taco Bell . . . well done indeed!




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