Is It Ok For Adults To Dream?

I remember when dreaming was encouraged and bragged about. Somewhere between being a teenager and adulthood, we were taught to stop dreaming because its foolish. For some reason we are told that dreaming is what we do to survive high school and college. Once we become adults, its almost a black and white “Did you accomplish your dream or didn’t you?”

What happened dreaming? Why do we stop? I guess, for the purpose of this post, we don’t really need the answer. What we need to do is start dreaming again. We literally still have a whole lifetime ahead of us!

My dream was to become an actor. I was going to win awards and make people laugh along the way. Then I graduated and moved to California. Here’s the twist: I didn’t audition for anything or even try to get into acting. Why? Because I realized that I wasn’t going to make it. I’m chubby and have a lazy eye. There can be good looking actors with lazy eyes and chubby actors who are funny, but there can’t be a chubby actor with a lazy eye who is really funny. This is what I’ve thought for the last 3 years! I convinced myself to try and make it on the YouTube platform, and I couldn’t even get “famous” on that . . . so here we are . . . . 3 years later and really nothing “successful” to show for myself. I’ve given up on my dream and not found a new one.

But wait . . . . I still have this dream! No matter how disappointed we become or discouraged we feel, a dream just doesn’t disappear. Our dreams can be hidden with veils of lies and confident talking, but deep down I long to  win an award, make an acceptance speech, and make people laugh. The bigger dream though is to make peoples’ lives better! I can accept that I may never be a famous actor, but I can still dream it. I can definitely do my best to make peoples’ lives better.

So I guess this post is more for me . . . to say . . . I have a dream of being a famous actor like Jim Carey, Will Ferrell, or some other people that I can’t think of. I am saying my dream because for a while I didn’t want to say it because I might fail and then live with myself for never accomplishing my dream. I’d rather fail and say I want it then to deny my dream as well as fail.

Now I’m blabbering . . . long story short. Its ok to dream after turning 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70. 80 and 90 are ok too 🙂

Don’t let your fear let you convince yourself that you don’t want a dream. Note for me: Don’t let your laziness convince you that a dream isn’t worth it. Even if you don’t make it big on YouTube, at least you can reach one person to hopefully make their lives better.






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