I Accidentally Deleted 2 Years Worth of Videos Off Of YouTube :(


I had never felt so helpless.

It was all my fault, but yet it wasn’t at the same time.

I had deleted all my YouTube videos … all 120,000 views … all 98 videos, and all rankings, comments, and likes that I had acquired for the last 2 years.

120,000 views may not seem like a lot compared to the BIG TIME YOUTUBERS, but for lil ol me, this was a huge accomplishment!

Here’s what had happened:

It was a dark gloomy day, and my wife was at Bible Study with the girls. I was attempting to upload my 98th video, but every time I would select it, the page would refresh back to the upload screen and not to the progression bar.

I did this multiple times, and even tried in other browsers with no luck.

I then went to my Video Manager, and there were 16 uploads of the same file!

I would click the check box next to one of them, click Delete, and then Click Yes (to the message of “are sure?”

As I was going through, Firefox had lagged and moved the page down as I clicked the check box which conveniently was the “Select All” option instead of the video I wanted to delete. I clicked Delete and “Yes” thinking it was only the one video, and then the list of videos disappeared.

I thought, “This can’t be good”. I refreshed the page, clicked the back button, and then realized … . I had just deleted 2 years of work.

I spent the 4 hours searching online for ways to restore all that was lost, and the basic consensus was “YouTube is a free service that doesn’t/doesn’t have to offer a restore option … aka … . I was out of luck”

Since then, I have found some of my videos, about 15 that I had actually saved to an external, but losing my rankings, views, and comments is what stinks the most.

Out of the ashes, I have called it LukesBrainChunks 2.0 and have even built a website www.lukesbrainchunks.com.

I also save all videos that I create on an external hard drive just in case … . .


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